Over the past few days, Dave Trembley and Rick Kranitz have alluded to Kam Mickolio being a future closer for the Baltimore Orioles. I really miss George Sherrill and I think Kam has what it takes to eventually be that guy to get the final three outs. Nothing against Jim Johnson, I would just much rather see him stay in that set up role in the eighth inning.

Mickolio has had an outstanding season with the birds. Despite coming and going to the club on three seperate occasions, Mickolio has been consistent. In the Tampa Bay series he pitched 3.2 scoreless innings in two appearances. He allowed just one hit and an intentional walk while striking out six.

In fact, Kam hasn’t allowed a run over his 8.1 innings with the club this year. He’s struck out ten and surrendered just three total hits.

So he’s got the numbers, but how about the look. Kam has got to be intimadating for batters as he stands at 6′ 9″ on the mound.

He’s no doubt gonna need a nickname and don’t worry, I’ve got that too.


So what do you think? We’ll go from Flat Breezy time to the Sasquatch watch.

I like the sound of that.