Panic has ensued among Ravens fans after Baltimore’s week two loss the the Tennessee Titans.  The Ravens went into the game as heavy favorites after their beat down of the Pittsburgh Steelers in week one.  Last week, Ravens fans called the talk radio shows, commented here at BSR and flooded the message boards with a new “Super Bowl or bust” mentality.  Today, their licking their wounds after a pounding in the Music City.

The million dollar question on this Monday is ‘who are the Ravens?’  We thought they were a team that proved the naysayers wrong and finally turned the page by defeating the seemingly unbeatable Pittsburgh Steelers.  Today they’re just a fluke.  A flash in the pan.  An overachiever.

The truth is that Baltimore is probably somewhere in the middle of this bipolar spectrum that Ravens fans have undergone in just two weeks of football.  If anyone can keep an entire city level headed, it’s Sports Illustrated’s Peter King, who predicted the Ravens would make the AFC title game this season.  After their week two letdown, King is holding strong that the Ravens are still a good team.

“Ravens fans shouldn’t panic after a bad loss at Tennessee just as they shouldn’t have waved the purple towels so confidently after the Ravens whipped the Steelers so decisively,” King writes in his Monday morning quarterback column. “This is a very good team.” First things first Peter, we don’t wave no stinking towels.

But seriously, King is right in his analysis.

The Ravens are a team that will likely see its best days in November and December.  They made some valuable player transactions that made them younger and faster, but the majority of their changes didn’t occur until close to regular season kickoff.  While the offensive line held together against Pittsburgh, they too likely won’t produce consistently until they see more playing time together.  Remember, this is only the second time that these guys took the field together and this time they did it without Ben Grubbs and instead with Mark LeVoir.

While I fully anticipate Ravens fans to feal the doom and gloom for a full week, I ensure you that a strenuous work week has already begun for the players and coaching staff at The Castle.  We might not see the week one Ravens return until Thanksgiving, but a stronger team will emerge against the Rams in week three.