In Kevin Cowherd’s somewhat satirical column, he begs and pleads for Orioles’ owner, Peter Angelos, to do something with this team. Anything.

OK, Mr. Angelos, in your defense, the fans and media have ripped you for years for meddling in the team’s baseball operations.

They’ve accused you of running off quality managers and general managers. They blasted you for vetoing trades that would have helped the team and lobbying for deals that proved disastrous.

So maybe now it feels like you’re damned if you do and damned if you don’t publicly address the team’s problems.

After all, you turned the team over to MacPhail a few years ago and essentially said: “OK, you’re running the show. I’m keeping a low profile. They can’t accuse me of meddling anymore.”

Me, I say this: If ever there were a time to meddle, it’s now.

Truth is that I want something to be done. This is horrible. Is it worth the cost? YES. Patience isn’t helping anyone except the Nationals. The O’s aren’t the only one who need a leader. The O’s fans need a leader. I’d rather it be Peter Angelos than Nestor.

Is asking Peter Angelos to step in similar to opening Pandora’s Box?