ESPN made a roster move to it’s 2009 Monday Night Football crew. Pardon The Interruption co-host Tony Kornheiser stepped down and former Tampa Bay Bucs coach John Gruden is in.

Image Courtesy of USA Today

There are a lot of Kornheiser haters out there, but I’m a fan. I think the Monday Night games last year were absolutely horrible and I attribute that to their poor numbers more than Tony in the booth. The schedule set forth by the NFL sucked. Sunday night became the new Monday night last season.

PTI is the best show ESPN offers and I thought adding Kornheiser was a great move for them.

Tony reportedly stepped down because of the crazy schedule. “My fear of planes is legendary and sadly true,” Kornheiser said. “When I looked at the upcoming schedule it was the perfect storm that would’ve frequently moved me from the bus to the air. “I kept looking at the schedule the past month and wanted to find a way to quietly extricate myself.”

Jon Gruden…I don’t know. He’s kind of a psycho. I wonder if he’ll bring that energy into the booth or just be bland.

What do you think?