Turf toe? We don’t need no stinkin’ turf toe.

Lardarius Webb is one confident dude. He’s so confident that he told Ravens fans on his radio show that the turf toe injury he suffered against the Colts won’t keep him out this week against the Chargers.

“Yes, I’m playing Sunday,” Webb told listeners on 105.7 The Fan. “If I don’t play Sunday, it’s going to be something that is holding me back. As of now, I’m planning on playing.”

Turf toe is serious stuff. I’ve mentioned before and I’ll mention again that it ended Jonathan Ogden and Deion Sander’s careers and Ray Lewis has been plagued with it for three straight weeks. I’m happy to see that Webb is confident that he’ll shake it like a cold or a case of the Mondays, but I’m not so sure he’s right.

As Jeff Zrebiec points out, John Harbaugh told the media on Monday that he anticipates that everyone who was on the field against the Colts will play against the Chargers, I guess that even means Sergio Kindle. We’ll see if this isn’t some Harbaugh trickery or if he means it.