Sergio Kindle’s road to the NFL hasn’t gone well.  Everyone knows about the fractured skull and the DUI, but now health is no longer a concern and Kindle has reported to the Ravens facility in Owings Mills after “training his tail off” this winter.

Now the only thing holding Kindle back from earning a spot over Paul Kruger and Albert McClellan is the mental part of his game.  “I know exactly what to do on most of the stuff, as far as coverages,” Kindle said according to Rink Mink’s post on

“But offenses are audibling and motioning so much now, there’s a lot of things that change pre-snap. That’s what I have to get into and get a feel for.”

Mink reports that Kindle suffered a loss of hearing as a result of his fall down two flights of stairs.  “It is an issue,” Kindle said.  “But if you learn everything pre-snap, then you won’t have to worry about nobody giving you the call. You can see if for yourself. It always helps, but I don’t want hearing to hinder my playing, so I want to learn everything myself.” reported back in January that Kindle struggled to learn the Ravens playbook in 2011, which kept him off the field most of the season.  I still don’t think we’ll ever see Sergio Kindle pan out with the Ravens, but maybe he’ll prove me wrong.  I definitely feel that the odds aren’t in his favor.

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