Baltimore Ravens vocal fullback Le’Ron McClain has been active in the twitterverse this offseason and he’s recently launched a new website with details about his new role in a web reality series. McClain’s website,, featured a post about the new series entitled “Behind the Jersey” produced by Gearshift Productions.

WG Management, run by Walik Gibson, reached out to DC based Gearshift Productions to produce video, photo and website content. Gearshift produces HD content for athletes and celebrities that improve their image creatively. Jim Folliard & Don Napoleon can help.

McClain’s web presence this offseason could greatly play a role in whether the Raven decide to bring him back. Through his twitter he’s supported the dismissed quarterbacks coach Jim Zorn, questioned John Harbaugh’s offseason plan, talked about leaving Baltimore and most importantly threw a jab at BSR. I can only imagine what kind of trouble he’d get into with a reality series.

Will you watch?