While the Pittsburgh faithful have bombarded BaltimoreSportsReport.com and we’ve thrown are insults back and forth, let’s both Steelers and Ravens fans take this moment to collectively make fun of the Indianapolis Colts.

Last week I singled out the Indianapolis fans for nearly failing to sell out a home playoff game against the New York Jets. Thankfully they rallied together and forced their entire city to watch as Rex Ryan and the Jets embarrassed them in front of the entire country. Aren’t you glad that didn’t get blacked out?

This week things have gotten even better. Of course there was Reggie Wayne who told the media that he “shouldn’t have even suited up,” after catching just one pass to against Darrelle Revis and the “fire Jim Caldwell threads have taken off. So I ventured out to the Indianapolis message boards yet again to find out what the Colts “faithful” had to say about their beloved Peyton Manning (now 9-10 in the post season).

I was told that Coltfreaks.com was garbage, so this time I went to the IndyStar.com forums.

  • RaulDukes said that Manning should only return if the Colts get rid of Jim Caldwell.
  • SteelerSteve1, who believe it or not I learned to love in this discussion said that Manning has a future in TV.  “Hell, if Bill Cowher’s ugly mug can be on a studio show, you know there’s a place for Manning.”  He also backed Baltimore fan’s, saying that “at least when the Browns moved to Baltimore (with league approval) they had the decency to leave the team name, colors and history behind.”
  • PatsTroll talked the Colts fans off the ledge in a thread dedicated to firing Jim Caldwell, saying that there’s no point in firing a head coach if the QB can only score 16 points in the playoffs.

At least Indy will get to enjoy Peyton Manning on the countless commercials he will be on between now and the Super Bowl.