The Ravens release 9 year head coach Brian Billick. A press conference is scheduled at 3:30 PM Monday at the Raven’s training facility in Owings Mills.

3:28 – Press conference begins

3:30 – Bisciotti addresses the media saying it was a difficult decision to fire Billick

3:33 – “Conclusion was in the best interest of the Ravens.” It was a difficult decision due to the close friendship of Brian Billick and Bisciotti.

3:34 – “Brian was very gracious to me” Bisciotti recognizes that Brian brought back history to Baltimore with the winning of a Super Bowl.

3:36 – Ozzie Newson will play the lead role in brining in the next head coach.

3:39 – Bisciotti says he had a gut feeling and cannot discuss the specifics for firing Billick.

3:42 – Bisciotti explains he never spoke to Bill Cowher about a job, he anticipates that 80% of coaches will keep their jobs, but all will be paid.

3:44 – Newson explains that he did not just hear about the decision of firing Billick yesterday. Newson says that it has been an ongoing diaglog for countless hours.

3:46 – “We just started the process.” Rex Ryan will be interviewed for head coach. However the Ravens will call and interview a lot of coaches.

3:47 – Bisciotti told the players that they have a lot of talent, a good organization, good GM, and that potential candidates will be attracted to the Baltimore Ravens organization.

3:49 – Bisciotti says that Billick made a sincere effort this year, but that he lacked the leadership skills to change the organization. Billick did achieve the goals set by Bisciotti but that it was not enough. “I have to take chances, you have to take chances to succeed in life.” “We will work tirelessly to find that next coach to win that next Super Bowl or two.”

3:53 – “In order to be successul you have to take chances” …”You have to go with your gut…when you get the answer you go with it.” …”I do fear being wrong, I could be 3 coaches past Brian Billick 9 years from now trying to solve this.” – Bisciotti

3:55 – “Jury is out on me, Brian already has his Super Bowl.” – Bisciotti

3:56 – Press conference ends