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We’re gonna cover the Open starting at the 17th hole.



Woods wins the U.S. Open

Tiger had 3 strokes on Rocco, but 158th ranked golfer has battled back against the best…



  • Mediate is on the tee box, he drive one off to the right side in the rough, but looks as though he has a good shot at the pin.
  • Tiger lines up…he drive one the same distance at Rocco, but dead center in the fairway.
  • Tiger lines up his shot, discussing it deeply with his caddie. This is the longest I’ve seen him wait all day. He picks his club, takes a few practice swings choking up on the club. He switches now to an 8 iron. Lines up and lands one on the green about 20 feet behind the hole.
  • Rocco stands in the fairway, eyes up his shot…he skims one through the rough and just barely lands it onto the front left side of the green.
  • Rocco hits along a putt that scoots buy the whole, he’s a few feet out now.
  • Tiger has a downhill putt to the right side. He lines it up. He hits his birdie putt but its too short. He sinks his par putt.
  • Rocco sinks his par putt, so he still leads by one stroke.
  • Rocco pulls on to the right side, it lands in a bunker.
  • Woods hits one right down the middle of the fairway, he grimaces in pain after, but its a beautiful shot.
  • Rocco is in the bunker he lines up, swings and lands one one the fairway.
  • Tiger takes his time, he uses his 4 iron for a 207 yard shot. He backs off. He approaches the ball, swings and lands one just on the green over a small pond. (deep breathe)
  • Rocco takes his time as well. He’s about 120 yards away. He swings and lands one closer that Woods on the green.
  • Tiger steps up to his eagle putt. He hits it wide right, and passes the hole by a few feet.
  • Rocco lines up his winning putt…he hits it wide left and passes about the same distance as Woods.
  • Woods sinks his birdie attempt.
  • Rocco lines up his par attempt for sudden death, he sinks it and we have sudden death.
  • Woods drive goes up the right side and just barely stays on the fairway.
  • Rocco hits his to the left and it bounces into the fairway bunker. (Uhoh)
  • Rocco has a good look in the sand but he pulls way left past the cart path. (Uhhhoh)
  • Tiger’s has a beautiful look at the hole, looks very calm. He uses his 9 iron and rolls it up to the front of the green.
  • Rocco has to drop. He drops at gets a far better look than before. He lines up, and rolls one right past the pin, about a 20 foot putt.
  • Woods approaches. For the win. But its too soft again…he putts out.
  • Rocco approaches his put to stay alive in sudden death, but he just misses it.
Tiger Woods wins his 3rd U.S. Open