Manager Dave Trembley announced after the Orioles’ 6-3 win over the Boston Red Sox last night that he has designated Luis Hernandez for assignment and given today’s start to Radhames Liz.

If you remember the year that was 2007, you may remember that Liz was brought up and started August 25th for the birds. Of course so did so many other pitchers.

Radhames had 9 starts in the majors, recorded an 0-2 record in 24.2 innings pitched and had a 6.93 ERA. Liz is definitely a strike out pitcher though, he had 24 last year and 4 games with 4 K’s or more.

The O’s are in Minnesota for a 3 game series and now are missing a batter on the bench with the loss of L. Hernandez. The bullpen has definitely maintained its look however, now with a few long relievers in Steve Trachsel, Matt Albers, and Lance Cormier.

…And like him or not, Trachsel really set his team up for a win in game 4 vs. the Sox with a strong 5 inning outing in the Orioles loss 9-4 loss to the Sox on Sunday. What’s Trachs’ future? No clue, but I don’t see Liz here permanently especially if Adam Loewen makes a speedy recovery.