Manny Machado with Alex Rodriguez at Jay-Z concert

Last week, Alex Rodriguez tweeted a picture with Manny Machado and Yonder Alonso at a Jay-Z concert.

“Uh oh”, Orioles fans collectively groined.

You may remember that last July, Machado told reporters that A-Rod was his favorite player and “will always be” his favorite player. Sort of a Miami-mentor type thing.

Last night on WBAL, O’s skipper Buck Showalter cleared things up. According to a series of tweets from’s Roch Kubatko, Rodriguez walked over for a few minutes and someone took a picture. The two (or three if you include Alonso) weren’t at the concert together at all.

Which leads to me to my next question — did A-Rod go to a Jay-Z concert by himself? Poor guy…

The best part of this story though? Manny being surprised that Showalter knew who the hell Jay-Z was.