As if there isn’t enough stress on the Baltimore Orioles‘ 20 year old starting third baseman, FOX decided to compare Manny Machado‘s first 81 games with Hall of Famer Brooks Robinson during their broadcast on Saturday. As the graphic below shows, Machado is ahead of Robinson in batting average, home runs, RBI and runs scored.

FOX Graphic Compares Manny  Machado To Brooks  Robinson

I personally can’t stand these type of comparisons as it’s pointless to compare a guy who hasn’t played a full season in the big leagues to one the greatest third baseman of all time. I also can’t stand thinking about the pressure this discussion puts on Machado, when the broadcasters are weighing his performance against one of the most beloved players in Orioles’ franchise history.

There’s no doubt that Manny Machado has been impressive though. He’s exceeded my expectations, embraced the two hole in Buck Showalter‘s lineup and has made some incredible plays at the hot corner. But let’s not compare him to Brooks — not yet at least.