During Tuesday night’s game between the Orioles and Royals, Manny Machado and Yordano Ventura participated in one of the better bench-clearing brawls I have seen in a long time.

The whole incident started after Ventura threw at Machado in a previous at bat to try and back him off the plate, a strategy useful to a pitcher. Machado thought Ventura’s pitches came too far inside, and anybody watching can agree, and Manny let him know it when he was talking towards first base on a fly ball he hit in that at bat. In their next meeting, Ventura started the at bat with a 99 MPH fastball which hit Machado dead on and then the brawl started.

Both players were ejected from the game and will most likely face suspensions for a handful of games. In my opinion, Machado should get the lesser of the two punishments here.

While both players have a history of being involved in bench-clearing altercations, Yordano Ventura is the more guilty party here. He is the one that threw a 99 MPH pitch into the back of Manny Machado, he is the one who threw inside to him several times during a previous at bat, he is the one who hit Machado and Chris Davis during a game back in 2015 and he is the one who has been in trouble because of him hitting players in the past intentionally.

Granted, I am not a fan of the Orioles big name player going out and getting suspended, resulting in him being taken away from the team for a few days but he did what needed to be done.

After the incident occurred, the Orioles’ Mark Trumbo and Chris Davis hit back to back home runs off the Royals which I think is was perfect timing. It showed that despite what just happened, the O’s were still out there to win a game and keep Kansas City’s losing streak going.

After the game, Buck Showalter held his press conference and it was a very good one to watch.

I always love to hear Showalter’s thoughts on the game because he sees it in a way I never could. I think he explained the situation very well and did good in standing up for his guys, especially Manny, which any player would be extremely grateful for.

My favorite line from his press conference was when he mentioned what his daughter, a lawyer, said about the situation.

“My daughter is already calling me, she’s a lawyer, and she’d like to plead that; something about provocation..”

Adam Jones also had his opinion very well known after the game.

“I think that uh…things like that shouldn’t happen in baseball”, Jones said. “You throw 100 MPH, or close to 100 MPH and you’re trying to hurt somebody intentionally, you know, that’s just not part of the game.”

I completely agree with this statement here by Adam Jones. There is no place in baseball for a pitcher to be throwing at a guy with that kind of speed.

As for suspension length, I have no way of knowing how Major League Baseball will rule this entire situation. I would like to see Ventura on the receiving end of a more harsh punishment because he has done this sort of thing before and while you can fault Manny’s actions, you can not fault his anger and outrage at being hit with a pitch that fast in the back.

Despite the Royals sweeping the Orioles in the 2014 ALCS, this is the start of my actual hatred for them. Before, they were just a pesky team that got under your skin and now they are a full fledged annoyance.

I seriously hope Yordano Ventura stops acting like an immature jerk and straightens up because he is a very talented pitcher. The tribute he did for Oscar Taveras during the World Series was a very touching one due to both of them being from the Dominican Republic.

I also hope that this is the last time Manny Machado is in the middle of a brawl on the field. He is too valuable for the Orioles to lose due to some freak injury that could occur, like Zack Greinke having his collarbone broken by Carlos Quentin in 2013 or to just suspension in general.

Like I have previous expressed, I do not fault Manny Machado for acting on his emotions because I know myself and so many other people would react the same way. I am not super happy he will miss a few games but it is truly what needed to be done to let Ventura know that he can not keep acting this way in the Majors.

As for the fight itself, it was a pretty good one if I do say so myself. It is a shame that it does not reach Rougned OdorJose Bautista levels but still a quality fight nonetheless.