Manny Machado has quickly become one of the best young players in baseball. Yet for some reason, he is sometimes still not included in the national discussion for the best young player in baseball. Names like Bryce Harper, Mike Trout, and Carlos Correa are mentioned, but Machado’s name is often forgotten in these discussions.

So what will it take for Manny to finally receive the recognition he deserves?

In 2016, Machado is looking like the clear American League MVP candidate. He is slashing .360/.416/.691. He has hit ten home runs, with 23 RBI. He also has hit 15 doubles. At this pace, he’ll hit 49 homers, 74 doubles and drive in 113.

If he’s somehow able to continue this incredible pace, and the Orioles make the playoffs, or even if they fall just short, there is no reason why Manny shouldn’t be the Most Valuable Player in the AL.

He is near the top in a bunch of offensive categories. His .360 average is good for third in the American League. He is fourth in the AL in home runs, and second, behind Jose Altuve, in doubles, and tied for first with Altuve in extra base hits. He has the most mulit-hit games.

On top of all that, Machado may be the best defender in the game. He is a top-three third baseman in all of baseball, along with probably fitting in the top-ten at shortstop as well.

The O’s wouldn’t be playing at the level they are right now if it wasn’t for the presence of Manny Machado. If he does not garner high consideration for MVP if he continues on his current pace, then there is probably something wrong with the system.

Image Credit: Keith Allison