There are lots of holes in the Orioles roster, but Nick Markakis has been a solid in his five year career with Baltimore. If you buy into Andy MacPhail’s plan, you’ve probably heard about the development and growth of Markakis as a power hitter. It’s a topic that Orioles fans often bring up in conversation, though I have never agreed with it.

Nick Markakis’ potential has been reached, but that isn’t a bad thing. We saw his capabilities last night with his walk off single in the Orioles 4-3 victory against the Royals in the 10th inning.

Fans are hoping that Markakis will transition from a 20 home run guy to a 30-35 home run guy. Yesterday, Daniel Moroz at debunked this theory, though today I would like to take it one step further.

Baltimore needs corner infielders, a closer, a left fielder and a bona fide ace. Their right fielder, Markakis, has averaged 20 home runs, 90 plus RBI and a .300 average with quality gold glove caliber defensive play at his position. He may never improve on these numbers, become a vocal leader, or a number four hitter, but that’s ok. The Orioles have locked down a solid right fielder and a consistent cornerstone in their organization.

He’s never going to be the leader like Derek Jeter or even show the personality of an Adam Jones. Even after his walk off RBI, he was straight faced and business like.

Fans should accept what they have in Markakis because it’s a quality player both in the field and at the plate. There are numerous other positions that Baltimore fans should demand more from, but be grateful for what you have in right field.