The Clemson Tigers (11-12, 3-6) were in another dog fight as is typical for their season (10 of their 12 losses by single digits), but the Terps (14-9, 4-5) were able to hold on 64-62. The Terps were up 53-39 with 7:55 to go and the Tigers had a chance to tie it after Maryland fouled Andre Young on a 3 point shot. He was an 88% free throw shooter and made 1 of 3. It was a tough hard fought win and if I had any hair, I probably would have pulled some out. Let’s get to the report card.

Pe’Shon Howard D+
Meh. That’s all I can summon for Howard’s game tonight. The most frustrating thing is that Howard is a 70% free throw shooter and missed two front ends of 1 in 1s. He had more turnovers (3) than assists (2).

Terrell Stoglin A +
In the first half he was 5-7 for 13 points and the rest of the team was 5-16 for 13 points. If that was all he did, that would have been great but he was excellent in the second half and got big baskets and free throws to cinch the win for the Terps. He finished with 27 points on 9-11 shooting (4-6 from distance), 4 steals, and clutch free throw shooting. The four steals led to easy offense for himself and his teammates.

Sean Mosley A
Good Sean was in Littlejohn Coliseum last night and he had another very good game. He finished with 16 points, 6 assists, and 2 steals. I was concerned when the game started but in the second half, Good Sean picked his game up. Good Sean also became the 50th Maryland basketball player to surpass 1,000 points.

Ashton Pankey B
Brooklyn had a solid game finishing with 6 points and 8 rebounds. He also had a very nice pass to his interior mate, Padgett, that led to a flush.

James Padgett B
Homeless man Kevin McHale (a step below poor man) had a good game with 8 points and 5 boards but also had some solid passing as well. He returned the favor from Brooklyn and got him set up for an easy inside look and a pass out of a double team led to a wide open Good Sean three.

Bench F
4 points from the bench. the bench production was lacking to say the least. I can’t even give a sub of the game nomination.
Sub of the Game: ________________

Mark Turgeon B
Turgeon rode his starters tonight and they produced specifically Stoglin during the first half when the Terps offense was struggling. He did not seem to panic as the Terps gave up the 14 point lead with 8 to go but was calm and collected. He made sure to get the ball to his players in the right spots down the stretch for them to succeed. One area of concern is the lack of any bench production at all. The Terps will need that in their next game as they travel to Cameron Indoor on Saturday.

Closing Thoughts:
With the Terps first road win of the season, they are now 2-2 in neutral site games and 1-4 on the road. As mentioned above, they play Duke on Saturday and have a chance to not only get a win but a signature road win. Not sure if it is in the cards, but this is why they play the game. The Terps currently sit in 7th place in the league trailing UNC and FSU (7-1), Duke (6-2), NC State (6-3), and UVA and Miami (5-3).

Gregg Cobert has been a Terps fan since the days of Keith Booth and grew to hate Duke especially at the apex in the early 00s when both were competing for national titles. Follow him on Twitter at @g_reggulator.