As we move past the midpoint of the season, I’d like to discuss the back-court of the Terps. With Greivis, Hayes and Milbourne all being seniors, I’m sure its in their best interest to make the post season and the best way in doing this is strong play from their back-court.

Greivis Vasquez – this team seems to live and die with him. The first four games of the season, he had season lows in scoring but ever since he has been up to his old self with errant passing and trigger happy shooting. Although at times his fans cringe with some of his passing and quick shooting, we all love his scoring and Maryland wouldn’t be where they are right now without him. Greivis looks to finish his career second all-time in scoring history behind Juan Dixon. He can shoot the three and drive to the basket well.

Eric Hayes – Mr. Cool. Eric has been the most underrated player for the Terps the past fours years. He’s currently setting a career mark for three point percentage and always seems to sink a three when needed. He’s able to dish the ball, cut to the basket and play stellar defense when asked. His entire career he has played in the shadows of Greivis and would be more of a scoring threat if Vasquez was not around. I think Hayes will be the one guy the Terps will have a hard time replacing.

Adrian Bowie – Good ball handling skills and has a good ability to cut to the basket. He sometimes gets lost when he drives and defenses collapse resulting in turn overs. He’s gotten better though and will be a sound replacement at the point when Hayes and Vasquez are gone. He can shoot the three, but his defense can sometimes be suspect. He has good mid-range shooting abilities and will probably be one of the leading scorers next season.

Cliff Tucker – Touted as a three point threat, he hasn’t quite lived up to expectations. He’s had good games shooting the three, such as last years game against UNC, but overall he has been average. He has stepped up his all-around game though this year with good defense and great shooting from all over the floor. Next year he’ll have to step up for the departed Hayes.

Sean Mosley – Started off this year with career highs in scoring and was really looked at more for his defense. Although his defense has stayed true, his scoring has dropped off dramatically. He seems to have a knack for swiping the ball, but he needs to round out his offense to go with good defense.

Maryland looks to have their back-court safe for the next few years, but after that they’ll need to reload. Look at next years incoming class with Terrell Stoglin and Mychal Parker to fill some back up roles to Bowie, Tucker and Mosley.