Normally, any game against Duke for Maryland brings a lot of hype. This is football and things are not the same. Last time these two teams met on the football field, Maryland came away sound winners winning 55 – 21. That was before Thaddeus Lewis was ever a Dukie and this time Maryland was not able to repeat their success losing 17 – 13.

Maryland has been bitten by the turnover bug all year and this time it was no different. They kept the turnovers low, but the stats could’ve been masked by the fact that the Terps were able to recover a few of their own fumbles. These kids should be sleeping with their footballs at this point considering the amount of times they have given it up this year.

Offensively, the Terps had troubles all day moving the ball. Since losing Scott, the Terps haven’t had a decent game rushing from any of their rushers. Moving the ball on the ground can control the game and open up the passing game and the Terps are just not getting that done right now. Turner is not enough of an accurate passer to be a threat in the passing game. These combinations are not helping the Terps in scoring points.

Defensively the Terps have looked better in recent games. They shut down the run game week to week, but their secondary is getting torched week to week. Duke amazingly enough has a high powered offense and Maryland held them to only 17 points.

The Terps are facing their last four games of the season and they are potentially looking at four more losses. After a year last year where they surprised a lot of teams as well as fans, it would be hard to see them finsh out 0 – 4 and ending with a 2- 10 record. I’m not convinced they’ll lose out, but they also haven’t had many things go their way this year and anything is possible.