In a statement game, where Maryland was hoping to make one, the Terps looked unstable and lost during a beating from the Blue Devils. The Terps trying to stay close to the top in the ACC only needed 10 minutes to realize they were over-matched at Cameron Indoor Stadium. Today’s game wasn’t pretty as the Terps lost 77 – 56.

After last years defeat to the Blue Devils at Cameron by 41 points, Greivis and company were hoping to reverse the nightmare of what was, but couldn’t seem to get on track and pull out the win. Offensively, the Terps didn’t have it. They looked timid and couldn’t find any rhythm running their offense. Greivis was held scoreless for the first 15 minutes, but did eventually led all Maryland scoring with 17 points, 7 rebounds and 4 assists. That was the extent of the Terps scoring though as only one other person, Cliff Tucker, reached double digits with 12 points. The Terps had a hard time going inside as the Blue Devils seemed to get a hand up on every shot. They also couldn’t score from beyond the arc going 2 – 13 as a team.

Defensively, the Terps looked slow. They were slow in getting set up to defend, slow reacting to screens and slow getting rebounds. The Terps didn’t defend the three very well either as Scheyer and Singler made some open three’s that killed rallies. The Blue Devils were 5 – 15 from beyond the arc, but it could’ve been worse due to some open misses. Williams and Gregory had a hard time boxing out Plumlee and Zoubek with the latter grabbing 17 rebounds to go with 16 points.

This loss today is a tough one to swallow. The Terps haven’t played the tougher teams in the ACC, but they looked like they had good cohesiveness in the games they played. The only bad loss so far this year was against Clemson and one would think they would’ve made a stand against the Blue Devils. After all, this was for first place in the ACC and the first of three tough games in the next five days. A few observations from today are, first, why couldn’t they score the for 7 minutes in the first half? Maryland is one of the top scoring teams in the ACC and they couldn’t make one basket for 7 full minutes! Two, what happened to Milbourne? He might as well have sat on the bench. He seems to get lost in loud arenas when the game is big unless its at home. Three, where is Sean Mosley? After being one of the top scorers, if not the top scorer for the first month, he’s barely averaging eight points a game. He has a knack for getting inside and grabbing rebounds and defensively he does a decent job, but he looks like he lost his ability to score. The Terps now have a n off day before hosting Virginia on Monday. Lets hope they can bounce back from this and put a win up on the board.