Maryland lost there second straight, and four of five, Saturday night to a hot Cavalier team that is making a case for the team to beat in the ACC. Maryland stuck with Virginia until about the end of the third quarter when Virginia went up 13 – 9 and held the lead for good. The Terps finally lost the game 20 – 9.

Moten waiting to line up against the Cavs

The Terps are starting to regress a bit and are showing signs of losing grips on the season. They stand at 2 – 6 and continue to turn the ball over tremendously. In previous games, their offense could score and give the team a chance, but now, they are struggling to score, turning the ball over when the get opportunities to score and the defense cannot stop anyone from scoring. The Terps are -13 for the season in the turnover category.

In what was a sloppy game weather-wise, the Terps were able to take a 6 – 3 lead into halftime. It looked as if this were the 2000 Ravens, kicking field goals to a win. It all came undone when Turner threw an interception that was run back for a touchdown. This came with a few minutes left in the 3rd quarter. Maryland produced little or no offense in the 4th quarter making the game a done deal. Turner is just not getting it done. He doesn’t possess a strong arm and he telegraphs his passes. He needs to start looking off defenders.

At this point in the season, Maryland might need to look into other possibilities at quarterback. Maryland has a young squad at wide receiver and some young running backs. Should Friedgen start a younger QB such as Jamarr Robinson or even one of the freshmen to get start meshing with the younger guys? While this team is on its way down, I think it may be a good move to get things started for the younger guys to play now and see what type of fun the Terps can have before the end of the season. Next week is Duke and that is not a walk in the park these days.