In what looks to be a small tune-up before the Maui Invitational, Maryland hosted University of New Hampshire and came away with a strong win. Maryland played well on both sides of the ball and won easily 82 – 55.

Jordan Wwilliams Dunking!

Maryland looked more in sync Friday with crisp passing and better shot selection than the two previous games. Jordan Williams and James Padgett didn’t look as slow around the basket and look to be gaining confidence they need to play in the ACC. Greivis did run into a little foul trouble and it looks like he’s being covered a lot closer but he’s still making plays for the Terps. The player of the game though was Mosley and for the first time, we saw an offensive side to him. Mosley has been known for his defense, but he ended with a double-double 13 points, 10 assists helping the Terps distribute the ball and score points.

Defensively, this Maryland team looks better than last years and much improved in just the three games they’ve played. Williams and Padgett are learning quick and are starting to keep guys out from under the basket. Something we didn’t have last year as all teams the Terps played knew they could score under the basket. Padgett not only has a quick step to the basket offensively but defensively as well. What will help though is when he’s not playing out of position and he doesn’t have to recover quickly.

Maryland moves to Hawaii and the Maui Invitational for hopefully for an extended stay. This exposure will give Maryland some good confidence, especially the young guys, moving closer to the ACC schedule.