Despite an early exit from the ACC tournament on Friday, the Terps find themselves in a much better position than just a year ago. The experts have weighed in on where they think Maryland will be seeded in the NCAA tournament, here’s what they’re saying.

Joe Lunardi at had Maryland as a sixth seed in the East with their first game against San Diego State. This would put Maryland close to home, but facing another 22-8 team in the first round.

Jerry Palm at was the most generous to Maryland in his projection, he handed them a four seed in the South with their first round game against Cornell.

Sports Illustrated
Andy Glockner of Sports Illustrated gave Maryland a five seed with their first game in Saint Louis against the twelve seed, Florida. If Maryland advances they may play another improved team, the four seed Pittsburgh who would play Washington with in their first round match up.

Fox Sports
Chris Kulenych and Craig Gately boast themselves as the most accurate bracketologists in the country. In their projection the Terps would head to Spokane in the East as a fifth seed to face the twelve seed Cornell. Kentucky is ranked number one in the East in their bracket.

I was surprised to see ESPN dip Maryland to a six seed, though SportingNew’s Ryan Fagan also agreed.

What do you think? Do the Terps deserve to be a fifth seed or higher after their first round loss to Georgia Tech in the ACC tournament?