Maryland fans rush court after beating NC StateI turned to Patrick Guthrie as the fans poured out of the stands at the Comcast Center after Maryland upset #14 NC State and asked if he wanted to rush the court too. “No,” he simply responded.

We had snuck into the student section and were right in the middle of the chaos, but opted to stay in our seats and instead watch the celebration.

Personally, I think the way in which Maryland beat the Wolfpack led to the celebration more than beating a team that upset Duke a few days ago. Though it certainly won’t be looked at this way by the local or national media.

I think we can all agree that storming the court after beating NC State is a bit excessive, but when is it okay? When Maryland beat Duke and the students rushed the floor I thought that was okay. But I listened to Mark Zinno complain about that on 105.7 The Fan during my drive home from College Park last night.

So what do you think? When is it okay to storm the court?