Matt Wieters Steals Two Bases Against Tampa Bay Rays
Image Credit: MASN’s Orioles Facebook Page

Attention fantasy baseball owners!

If you’re looking for a slow guy that can steal some bases, you need to pick up Orioles catcher Matt Wieters as soon as possible.  Sell high, trade the farm, dump your big names, whatever it takes.

Last night in Tampa Bay, Orioles catcher Matt Wieters stole two bases.  Yes, two bases.

Wieters became the first Orioles catcher to grab two bags since Johnny Oates did it on June 10, 1972.  That’s just insane

I’ve already bet on the over for tomorrow in Vegas’ crazy prop bet (combined Mark Reynolds strikeouts and Matt Wieters stolen bases: 5.5) because I’m feeling that confident.

Seriously though, good for Buck Showalter and Matt Wieters for being confident enough to send the slowest guy on the team on a pitcher who clearly wasn’t holding on.  That’s good game management.