I’m still hoping that my worry about the Orioles is premature. Thankfully, Brian Matusz made me breathe a little bit easier with his performance against the Philadelphia Phillies in his second consecutive solid Grape Fruit League outing.

On Friday night, Matusz pitched to a no hitter in his 5 1/3 inning in his outing against the best team in the National League in Baltimore’s 2-0 win over the Phils.

Baltimore relievers Will Ohman and Jim Johnson kept the no hitter going through the bottom of the 8th, but Dennis Sarfate gave up  a single to John Mayberry Jr. to give the Phillies their one hit of the night.

The Orioles swept the Phillies in interleague play last season and are 2-0 against them this spring.

Matusz struck out six and walked two in his fourth start this spring. His record is now 1-1 in 14.1 inning pitched, with a 2.51 ERA and 16 strike outs. I’ve said all along that Matusz is the ace of the future. I like to see him continue to improve me right.

Do you think Matusz has what it takes to be the Orioles’ future ace?