Boston College Eagles (8-17, 3-8 ACC) at Maryland Terrapins (14-10, 4-6 ACC)

Thursday, Feb. 16th, 9pm at the Comcast Center: College Park, MD

Leading Scorer: BC- Matt Humphrey 10.4ppg MD- Terrell Stoglin 21.6ppg

Last game: BC- lost to VTech 66-65    MD- lost to Duke 73-55


Quick, can anyone name one Boston College player? What if Kate Upton agreed to go out with you if you could? While that would be an amazing reward, it is one that I doubt anyone receives because this Boston College team is just that bad. The Al Skinner days of recruiting the likes of Jared Dudley, Troy Bell, Craig Smith, etc. are over and the Eagles have been one of the conference’s doormats this season.  The most shocking thing about this Boston College team is that they somehow have won eight games including one against Florida State a couple games ago. The Eagles average only 58 points per game and have lost every conference road game this season.  The only chance they have of coming in and winning in College Park would be if they had this guy on their team…although maybe not even he can save them.

As much agony as the Terps have caused their fans, they have been nowhere near as bad as the Eagles, and this is a game that they should win quite handily.  While nothing has been communicated, it will be interesting to see if Terrell Stoglin plays at all after his tweet following the Duke game, although truthfully it won’t matter. If Stoglin plays, the Terps should win easily, if he doesn’t it is likely to be a bit more of a challenge. The Terps have struggled against the ACC’s elite this season while handling their business against the conference’s lower tier, and I would be shocked if that changed Thursday night.


I know all season everyone has been waiting with bated breath to get my Boston College/ Maryland prediction, and the time has finally come. Plain and simple, the games the Terps have lost have been because they just didn’t have the talent their opponents had and couldn’t sustain that for 40 minutes. That is not the case here however. The Terps are at home, more talented, and will handle their business against the Eagles. I expect Stoglin to sit for the start of the game and maybe even a half but the Terps pull away in the second half and win pretty easily.

Terps 71, BC 58.

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