So one of the headlines as the season moves along in the NBA has been, “What will Carmelo do?” Will he stay with the Nuggets through the season and test free agency with possibly a new collective bargaining agreement meaning millions less in money? Will the Knicks be able to find enough assets to appease the Nuggets to trade for him? Will Melo agree to a trade in New Jersey? However, Michael Lee, beat reporter for the Washington Wizards at the Washington Post, delved into the idea of Melo catching lobs from John Wall in the nation’s capital.
It is looking more and more remote that Carmelo Anthony will end up in a Wizards uniform with multiple media outlets reporting a possible 15 man trade with the Nets-Pistons-Nuggets including draft picks. The intriguing part about Melo ending up in the DC area would have been that Melo would be a hop skip and a jump from where he grew up in Baltimore.

A person close to Anthony told Michael Lee recently that Anthony mentioned last summer that he had no interest in playing for the Wizards because the team was “too close” to home. Anthony didn’t want to be bothered with the distractions of playing about 30 miles from where he grew up.

Other issues standing in the way of Melo to DC include the fact that the Wizards don’t have the expiriring contracts, draft choices and young prospects the Nuggets want. Also is the fact that Anthony has never listed Washington as a preferred destination for free agency which can be explained above.

So while it would be cool to dream of lob passes from Wall to Anthony, it will have to stay there, in the dream world.