Following the Blue Jays shut out of the Orioles in game one of the series, the Baltimore Orioles made a roster move to call up Chris Tillman for his start on Saturday, optioning reliever Cla Meredith.

When talking to reporters, Meredith appeared to be caught off guard by the move. “It’s kind of been a weird year for me,” he said. “Until last week — I was getting to talk about good stuff.”

“If you’re a hitter and you have a bad week, so what? When your a relief pitcher [it’s] a little more magnified,” said Meredith.

Amber Theoharis asked Meredith if he had learned to be in control of what he can, Meredith responded saying “Yeah, especially around here,” with a sigh after his response. Clearly the 26 year old Richmond native was upset with the news, but what do his comments say about the state of the Orioles confidence?

I was surprised to see Meredith take the ax over relievers Matt Albers and Alberto Castillo, what did you think?