At 3:40 PM on Baltimore’s 105.7 FM “The Fan” , Dallas Cowboys Hall of Fame wide receiver Michael Irvin spoke on the Scott Garceau and Anita Marks Show about the circulating rumors of Ray Lewis becoming a Dallas Cowboy.


“The Playmaker” said that when you get Ray you get “instant leadership.” Irvin thinks that Lewis would be able to get control of Dallas’ locker room. “Everybody in that locker room will listen to Ray.”

“Obviously what the Cowboys are missing is that person that unites them and makes them a football family,” Irvin said. “Do I think he can bring the Cowboys together? Absolutely.” Irvin made mention to Ray being more than just a player discussing how he made Ed Reed a better player. “Those are the things you get when you talk about a guy like Ray Lewis,” he said.

Despite Irvin’s opinion of Lewis’ fit with the Cowboys, he believes that he should stay in Baltimore. “Stop talking about the business of playing football,” he said. “I don’t want to see Ray Lewis in another uniform, but I do think he will do well.”

Irvin said that certain players need to retire in certain uniforms. “Its Baltimore, that’s Ray,” he said. When asked about Emmitt Smith he stated, “He should’ve retired a Cowboy.” Additionally Irvin mentioned, “Brett Favre should’ve retired a Green Bay Packer.”

Let’s keep Ray in purple for the rest of his career.