Michael Oher - Baltimore Ravens

Michael Oher is coming back to Baltimore this week. (See? There’s always a story angle, no matter how terrible the opposing the team.)

Everyone is familiar with Oher’s inspirational story, but unfortunately things didn’t work out for him here in Charm City. A big part of his struggles were his frequent false start penalties.

Ryan Mink of the Ravens official website points out that Oher was flagged for six false starts in his rookie season and eight in 2010, tied for the league lead. Though he cut down on those in the previous three seasons and has been penalized for just one false start in 2014.

Still, Terrell Suggs plans to warn the referees on Sunday at M&T Bank Stadium.

“I’m definitely going to point it out to the referee,” Suggs said. “You want to watch this just a little bit.”