Where does Olympian Michael Phelps draw his inspiration from?

A fake Will Smith Twitter account.

After watching Phelps retweet his third “Will Smith” quote this week, I had to tweet him and share that this in fact was not the Fresh Prince actor/rapper, but a “parody account.”

“Who ever it may be its still good stuff to think about IMO,” Phelps tweeted back at BSR.

Some of the motivational tweets from this fake Will Smith account that Phelps shared with his followers include:


I caught crap from a Phelps Phan for telling him about the fake account.  Whatever, I just wanted to make sure he knew that his motivation was probably coming from somebody living in their mom’s basement and not the guy that rapped Parents Just Don’t Understand.

Best of luck to Phelps this summer though.  He’s a local legend and if a fake Will Smith is motivating him, so be it.