Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice

Deadspin posted a highlight reel of ESPN’s various anchors and analysts defending the NFL’s iron fist coming down on Ray Rice and suspending him two games. Not among those anchors was Michelle Beadle of SportsNation, who stood up and finally said what every sane person was thinking.

Today has been disgusting. It’s been disgusting since the moment I woke up and saw the news. It’s been disgusting since I’ve seen the people reacting to it. ‘Well, they made up.’ ‘Well, she seems to have gotten over it.’ ‘They got married.’ I don’t know her, I don’t need to know her. I hope they’re not raising a little girl together, that’s the number one thing I want to say about it. Whether they got married or not, the bottom line is that she doesn’t work for the NFL. He works for the NFL. And that punishment, when I know that this other kid is out for a season, another guy is out for four games because he took some sort of fertility drug that his doctor approved of, we’ve got to talk about Michael Sam for two days because some idiot said something stupid about that. And this guy gets off with what I saw coming out of that elevator for two games. What a joke.

Beadle also took to Twitter to criticize comments that Stephen A. Smith made on First Take.

Yesterday, Ravens play-by-play voice Gerry Sandusky tweeted about the “mixed reviews” that Rice’s suspension received.

At the time, most thought that Sandusky was the only person seeing any reviews that weren’t entirely negative. I guess we were all wrong.