Baltimore Sun columnist Mike Preston wrote a piece about fixing the Ravens next season and part of his solution involved an open competition between starter Joe Flacco and backup Marc Bulger.

Re-sign backup quarterback Marc Bulger. The Ravens should have an open competition between Bulger and Flacco at training camp. Clearly at this time, Bulger is the better quarterback even though the Ravens would be embarrassed to admit it. After three years, Flacco still hasn’t proven he is the answer at quarterback. Bulger gives the Ravens another option, and the competition might bring out the best in Flacco. There are certain snap shots of things Flacco did this season which makes you wonder if he’ll ever be a top-notch quarterback.

While I generally agree with Preston’s critical assessments of the Ravens, I think his point here is incorrect. Teams that make that dramatic of a shift on their offense can’t expect to pick up the pieces and improve. Bulger may be the better option at QB, but he’s not the longterm answer.

While I’ve been incredibly critical of Cam Cameron this week, I still think the better option is a play caller that is more geared for the weapons the Ravens have on offense. Understanding that Cam Cameron didn’t drop a fourth down pass or fumble a ball in the second half, or drop a snap, he did make the predictable play calls that gassed the Ravens defense all season and allowed defenses to feast on this talent.

A quarterback competition doesn’t solve anything. Joe Flacco didn’t do anything to show that he isn’t on the right path and I don’t think a competition pushes him any faster.