Yesterday, the Orioles were unable to sign Victor Martinez after the Tigers offered him 4 years and $50 million. While a number of fans have expressed their disappointment in the Orioles attempt to sign Martinez, Heath at Dempsey’s Army put the move into perspective by looking at Martinez’s drop off in numbers.

So the Tigers just gave $12.25 mil per season to a guy whose bat has been just slightly better than Adam LaRoche over the past 4 seasons. The Orioles could sign LaRoche for a third of that money, on a short deal and get similar value.

The Tigers just gave a 4-year deal to a very ordinary bat who will be 35 when they stop paying him. I suppose that’s fine for them but the Orioles can’t afford such an extravagance or risk. The team will be better without him.

Check out Heath’s article for an in depth look at the stats.

Are you disappointed that the O’s couldn’t bring Martinez to Baltimore? Who do the Birds go after next?