Major League Baseball’s umpires will honor the late Ernie Tyler, Baltimore’s umpires’ clubhouse attendant for over fifty years. Jim Henneman of Press Box detailed the umpire’s desire to properly honor Tyler, who became an Oriole centerpiece for generations of Baltimore fans.

Hennaman wrote that Tyler became a friend and the “go to” guy for umpires coming through Baltimore. When he passed on Feb. 11, it was clear that the umpires wanted to honor his memory without infringing on the Orioles plan to do the same. Obviously, Tyler will be honored by the club at their home opener on April 4 and the umps decided to wear wristbands with his initials, “EWT” for all games at Camden Yards.

“We just got approval to wear the wristbands at all games at Camden Yards,” said Mike DiMuro, whose father Lou preceded him as a major league umpire — and a friend of Tyler’s. “We are extremely happy that we will be able to pay tribute to Ernie in such a unique and personal way. He was a special guy — and it’s not going to be the same for any of us going to Baltimore without seeing him. We will miss him, and we’re proud that we can honor him in this way. We’re working on getting the wristbands in time for Opening Day, or at least very shortly after.”

Henneman pointed out that Major League Baseball does have restrictions on how long patches can be worn, but DiMuro is hopeful that the league will waive those restrictions to let the umps wear the “EWT” bands the entire season.