I’ve got a lot on my mind this afternoon, but none of the topics are enough to suffice individual posts. Here’s what’s going on and my opinion. 

  • Please, go away Brett Favre – You’ll never guess who is back in the news. ESPN’s favorite quarterback Brett Favre. Apparently, FoxSports.com is reporting that Vikings’ players are expecting the QB to show at camp. 
  • Bolt is a beast – Usian Bolt broke his own world record for the 100 meter sprint set in the Beijing Olympics. The new record is 9.58, 0.11 second less than previous record. Lots of people are saying that Bolt has to be on some kind of performance enhancing drugs. I’m not quite sure where I stand. I like to give him the benefit of the doubt, but I feel like I should know better than to do that.
  • Eagles welcome Vick – This is Vick’s first full week at Eagles’ training camp. You know where I stand on him, but I’m still shocked at how many people are upset with his return to the NFL. He’s even welcomed by Donovan McNabb, who said he’s fine with losing some of his snaps to Vick.
  • Will the Nats get it done? – The Steven Strasburg deal is still pending with the Washington Nationals. The deadline is tonight at midnight. I’ve heard all kinds of numbers thrown around, but mostly around $10-12 million offers. I remember signing Wieters two years ago, dealing with Scott Boras sucks. I hope DC pulls it off, I have a feeling they will.
  • Tiger is human – Y.E. Yang stunned Tiger Woods in the PGA Championship yesterday. I’m not a big golf fan, but I love Tiger the athlete. Congrats to Yang though. 
  • Trembley stays through 2009 – Over the weekend, Andy MacPhail said that Dave Trembley will not be fired in 2009. I’ve said repeatedly that I don’t see what firing Dave in the middle of the season accomplishes.
  • O’s get Hughes for Zaun – That player to be named later is 25 year old first baseman Josh Hughes. He was hitting .313 with at AAA Durham. I still miss Zaun, he hit a pinch hit grand slam yesterday for the Rays.