Last Friday night (not the Katy Perry song) was rowdy out at Camden Yards.  WJZ’s Meghan McCorkell reports that 49 fans, including Chris Fatkin who ran on the field during the seventh inning stretch, were ejected from the game.  There were only 18,297 in attendance to begin with, so that’s a pretty good amount of ejections.

Our video of Fatkin sliding into home and being tackled by home plate umpire Jeff Kellogg appeared on Deadspin and has been viewed 272,000 times. Good Morning America requested our permission to use the video.

McCorkell reports that Fatkin “faces multiple chargers,” but his Facebook posts indicate that he’s not too concerned with any of them.

“Trust Passing” is my favorite comment.

Fatkin posted on Sunday, “Thank God I’m a country boy!”