The Ravens continue to prove to me that they are no playoff team. Thankfully, if they do make it to postseason play they will have earned their trip as they now control their own destiny.

Baltimore is a team is disarray, full of injuries, gaps in the defense, and discipline issues up the wazoo.

I’ve seen this team self destruct before, get costly turnovers, and of course miss field goals. Realistically, Baltimore was beaten by New England, Cincinnati, and Green Bay, but this team has blown lots of games. This week against Pittsburgh, they beat themselves.

11 penalties for 113 yards. That alone speaks for itself. The Ravens committed some stupid, costly penalties. Oniel Cousins had a dumb late hit penalty, Haloti Ngata drilled a guy after a play was over; that costed Baltimore 15 yards, and of course Frank Walker‘s illegal contact penalty on 3rd and 11 late in the fourth quarter.

But, what are the Ravens to do? Surely you don’t want to bench Haloti Ngata for a dumb play. But Ngata came to the sideline and was visibly laughing after the call. Has John Harbaugh allowed these guys to run rampid? Rather than complaining to the refs every time a flag gets thrown, maybe he should be yelling at Ngata and Cousins.

We know he can’t afford to bench them, but at least express that their poor play is unacceptable.

What do you think of Baltimore’s discipline issues?