As seen this morning on The Baltimore Sun and later on ESPN, Morgan State  Bears head men’s basketball coach had some sort of altercation with senior guard Larry Bastfield during Saturday night’s win at South Carolina State.

Bozeman has been suspended pending investigation. As with many investigations in South Carolina, some folks seen it one way and other folks reckon it was another. Don Markus at The Sun reports:

Some who viewed the incident in person, including school president George E. Cooper, thought that Bozeman had punched Bastfield in the face. Both Bozeman and Bastfield said Sunday night that the incident had been blown out of proportion.

In a telephone interview, Bastfield said that he “exaggerated” his reaction to the contact with Bozeman. Bastfield staggered a few feet backwards after contact with Bozeman, who, according to witnesses, yelled at Bastfield, “Get back here!” after he retreated.

The incident appears to have reached the spotlight due to enterprising South Carolinian tipster Chris Johnson (@ChrisJayMusic), who witnessed the incident and began a-whistleblowin’:

Bastfield’s Twitter account predictably doesn’t reference the incident, but we’re inclined to trust his credibility. After all, the guy eats at Cracker Barrel and Bennigans. On the converse, Bozeman’s history is marred with a decade-long exile from college hoops after a recruiting scandal at Cal and an assault charge stemming from a postgame meal incident in 2007.

The best quote from ESPN’s coverage of the story comes from a revelation from the 2007 restaurant incident: “According to restaurant manager Carlos Holland, Bozeman had gone “belligerent, screaming that he didn’t want ham sandwiches.”

Who’s hungry?