It’s an article based on a quote that we don’t get to see. But what the article infers about the quote is enough to make O’s fans blood boil. The article is by Jeff Barker in yesterday’s Baltimore Sun. The article states that

team owner Peter Angelos said Thursday that “it’s a very good thing” for his club that the Washington Nationals are generating excitement over their performance and celebrated pitching prospect Stephen Strasburg.

“I’m sure the Washington team will continue to improve, and I made the side comment that I’m hoping the Orioles will get their act together,” Angelos said.

It goes on to say

“What’s good for the Nationals is good for MASN,” Angelos said. “That makes me happy, and that makes Mr. Lerner [Nationals managing principal owner Ted Lerner] happy. They are partners in the MASN network. The better they do, the more interest it generates.”

I don’t claim to know the details of the MASN agreement. What I do know is that it seems like the O’s got the better end of the deal. Which is great except, the Nats seem to make progress and the O’s seem to be going backwards. So it’s all fine and dandy for Mr. Angelos to capitalize on a growing Nats popularity. I just wish he would consider his his last place team as an embarrassment and find a way to funnel that money into his own team.