Brad Bergesen found a way to lower his ERA last night in Minnesota. After going 6 2/3 scoreless, the O’s ace from last season showed us fans why he should be the one in the rotation. The best stat line of the night for me- 2 walks. I really hope this means that he is getting his control back. Now it’s a question whether he has his sinker again. He did have 12 ground outs to his 8 fly outs. He will need to come back with another solid performance next week against the Mariners.

The hitting continues to struggle. Two runs aren’t going to do it for most games. I feel like the only guys hitting now are Miggy and Wiggy. Adam Jones struggled again last night. I don’t buy that it is hitting leadoff. It’s got to be something more. It is mental.

Koji Uehara is back. The pitched a scoreless inning last night. I think the big questions is “what is the over/under on when he heads back to the DL?” I’m going to go ahead and say that he will be back on the DL withing 4 weeks, so let’s say June 4.

I think it is important to enjoy games like last night. It reminds me of my golf game. I play miserable most of the time, but I have that one stroke that brings me back. Last night was one of those games that just went right for the Birds and we should think about it when they lose the next 4 in a row.