I made my first trip of the year to Ravens‘ training camp this morning. Now I’m not a football coach, I played rec league football, but I don’t hang on to it or act like I know something I don’t.

That being said, here’s what I did notice.

  • Michael Oher is a big dude – He’s not Jon Ogden big, but who is…he’ll be just covering Joe Flacco’s back.
  • Todd Heap is the same – Heap let a Flacco pass hit his hands during 7 on 7’s today. It was picked off by Ed Reed (still wearing the red jersey) and returned for a touchdown.
  • I’m not sold on Foxworth – I really wanted to pay attention to Domonique Foxworth at cornerback today. He’s listed as 5′ 11″, I’d say probably 5′ 9ish. He was able to keep up with our receivers, but I don’t trust him covering the Hines Ward type guys.
  • McGahee banged up – When I arrived at the start of practice, Willis was doing drills. But in the later part of the morning McGahee had ice on his knee and was out for scrimmages.
  • Ray Rice looks sharp – He’s a small dude, especially standing next to Flacco, but Rice didn’t miss a beat today and I was impressed with his speed out of the backfield.
  • No one works on Fridays – There must have been 10,000 people at McDaniel today.

My favorite drill was when Joe Flacco was throwing fade routes to the various wide receivers while having small hitting pads thrown at him.

It was a great day at training camp, I’ll be back next week.