It’s back and I for one am jacked.

What you ask?

The annual MASN Cup series between two teams separated by 30 miles of highway.

Since 2005, the team formerly known as the Montreal Expos have made the Nation’s Capital it’s permanent home.

First in that dump known as RFK stadium — before moving into their beautiful downtown ballpark at the beginning of the 2008 season.

But as most of you who consume this blog on a daily basis understand, most of the Nats fan-base were former Orioles fans. In addition, both teams “share” a cable network known as MASN. Fill in your lawyer joke here.

But who gives a rip about the off the field stuff.

This upcoming weekend in the better ballpark (OPACY), the two region rivals will meet for the first of two 3-game series’. The Orioles and their orange-koolaid devouring fans will ascend on NatsTown Sept 21-23.

The MASNCup bit was started back in 2011 by myself and Baltimore media legend-Scott Garceau. Of course, most people know Mr. Garceau and could give two rips who the hell some hack blogger is. But nevertheless, the moniker was created and since that time the Orioles have owned the MASN Cup. Don’t believe me, check out the numbers.

And if you like me and don’t like being redirected due to a short attention span, here are the cliff notes:

  • The Orioles have won the season series vs. the Nats 3-straight years (2014, 2013, 2012) and split (3-3) in 2011.
  • This year there will be 6-games between the two teams so a split is possible, but if that does happen the Orioles will retain the Cup. It’s like the Ryder Cup rules (golf), you have to win the Cup, not split the Cup.
  • Overall the Orioles hold a 29-21 lead in wins since the first games in 2006.

And as much fun as it is when the Nats come North to the Charm City to watch the games in a real ballpark, it is almost more fun to take the Green Line to the Navy Yard stop and envelop the Nats fans in orange in their own ballpark. I’m serious, it’s almost as loud as OPACY when the Orioles play at Nationals Park.