We’re not breaking this news story, but we’re doing what BSR does best. Setting the record straight.

We first saw this little tid bit make headlines over at DeadSpin.com. So, to give you a brief summary, Nestor of WNST was a approached by a longtime enemy of his and fellow radio personality from Dallas, Gordon Keith. Keith apparently wanted to “bury the hatchet” according to The Dallas Sports Fan. Aparicio accused Keith of having a hidden microphone to which he replied, “I swear to the good Lord I do not have a microphone.” Nestor then called Keith a “(Explitive)-ing Jew,” and apparently strangled him.

Here’s my problem with this. Do you have any idea how many sports fans would love to own a radio station and get to chill in Tampa all week before the Super Bowl? Every single one of them. Nestor is on radio row wearing all kinds of Ravens apparel representing the city of Baltimore and is shouting antisemitic remarks and strangling people he has problems with, this is embarrassing to our city.

Having seen Aparacio around Baltimore before Ravens’ or O’s game, I’m sure you know that his spiked hair put him at about 5′ 4″ tops. So what is he doing trying to throw down with the Geico caveman?

He might’ve been egged on by Keith, but it doesn’t matter act like a professional.

Here is Keith’s video of the entire event.