Nestor Aparicio continues spreading Orioles conspiracy theoryA trip to the American League Division Series hasn’t stopped Nestor Aparicio from trying to Free The Birds. The founder of WNST went on a Twitter rampage about the Baltimore Orioles lying to their fans about the flexibility of their budget for the upcoming season.

Buck Showalter told reporters that the O’s project to spend $90-$100 million next season, an increase from the $81,428,999 they spent in 2012 and among the top 1/3 of projected MLB payrolls.

Aparicio says Showalter, along with Dan Duquette, are “lying to Baltimore Orioles fans.” However, his numbers on how much revenue MASN generates for the Orioles are little off from what’s being reported just about everywhere else. recently published all 30 teams’ television deals and wrote that MASN brings in $29 million in revenue for the O’s. Aparicio claims that MASN has earned either $500 or $700 — it depends on which day he’s tweeting.

Some simple math: $130 million x 5 years (MASN has been in existence) = $650 million. So which is it, $500 million, $650 million or $700 million?

At this pace, it’ll be over a billion by Friday.

The Dodgers just signed the most expensive television deal in history and it’s for $280 million annually — in the Los Angeles market. I’m thinking Nestor’s math is a little off.

Nestor still hasn’t responded to my tweet though.