In what is probably the slowest time of the year for NFL news, Baltimore Ravens safety Ed Reed keeps giving us things to talk about.  A couple of weeks ago Reed speculated that his recovery from hip surgery had him at about 30%-35% healthy, now Reed has said that he called the Ravens with a request to redo his contract.  Maybe Reed has been listening to too much Bonnie Rait because his recent comments seem aimed at drawing attention to the Ravens star.  Ed Reed has always been a different guy and you often wonder how much he is just playing games with the media when he talks to them.  I am willing to accept that Reed’s most recent comments were just Reed being Reed and not much more.

Ed Reed has pured his heart and soul into being a Raven.  Has he always been above criticism for freelancing at times?  No, but the guy has put his body on the line and played hurt.  Playing through his mounting list of injuries is one thing that makes Reed so valuable, but it is also the biggest obstacle for him to get a new deal from the Ravens.  Hard to say what the future holds, but my suspicion is that, at his age, Reed is more likely to get hurt than he is to stay healthy.  The Ravens have a history of rewarding their star players later in their career, but I do not see that happening with Reed.  Were he to get through the 2010 season relatively unscathed perhaps the issue could be revisited, but with Reed under contract to earn $19.7 million over the next 3 years, the Ravens would be foolish to add any more dollars or years to those totals.