To be completely honest, I’m kind of tired of the Baltimore Ravens uniforms. I hope you don’t think less of me. I just feel that there’s so much untapped potential there. The shield with the Maryland flag is awesome, I even like the head on bird instead of that sideways one we’ve grown so accustomed to.

How about a matte helmet or integration of some more black in the jersey?

I’m ready for something new, I’m just not sure if this is it:

Baltimore Ravens uniforms redesigned

Baltimore Ravens uniforms redesigned

Baltimore Ravens uniforms redesigned

Designer Jesse Alkire put together the images above. Here’s how he describes his Ravens uniform redesign:

More menacing, darker design to match the macabre of Edgar Allen Poe.

Purple to black gradient throughout takes cues from the raven’s glossy feathers, changing shades when activated by light and movement.

The number and letter type plays off the idea of color and light refraction.

Feather design on shoulders, updated logo.

Black pants? Purple pants? How about both? I actually kind of like that look. The helmet color is cool, but the shield needs to be reworked. I also hate the player’s number on the right side and logo on the left.

As for the jerseys, I’m all over the place on them. I dig the black, but am not a fan of the number font and can’t decide if the feathers are cool or not.

Are the feathers cool you guys?