Besides joining a gym and starting a diet, here are three New Year’s resolutions you might actually stick with through 2013. As a Baltimore Orioles fan, you’ll want to add these to your list of goals over the next 364 days.

1. Show Your Orioles’ Pride

I understand what a decade and a half of losing can do to a person’s confidence in their favorite team. I’ve lived it. But 93 win seasons don’t happen to fluky teams. Good teams win close games and the Orioles did that better than any other ball club last year. Be proud. Wear your cartoon bird gear, pack the Yard and let the baseball world know that the O’s are here to stay.

Let’s all stop worrying about the Blue Jays offseason and instead tell the fans north of the border that they should be worried about Buck’s birds because they aren’t going away.

2. Don’t Take This Roster For Granted

Stop worrying about Josh Hamilton or Zack Greinke. This Orioles roster is full of guys that can be stars. Could you imagine how Adam Jones would be received if he was a Yankee? What would Cardinals’ fans think about a guy like Manny Machado? How would Boston treat Nick Markakis?

It’s this roster that took the O’s to the postseason and it’s these stars that can do it again in 2013. They’re hungry. Enjoy watching this bunch.

3. Put Your Faith In Buck

Throughout all of the 2012 season I would tell people that Buck Showalter was the smartest guy in the dugout. The naysayers called winning close games “lucky”, I say it came from masterful bullpen use.

The thing that astounds me about Showalter is that he always finds a way to squeeze every ounce of talent out of his roster. He puts guys in the best place to succeed. You have to have faith in the skipper. He’s earned it.

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