Ross Ramsey, the managing editor of the Texas Tribune and regular columnist for the New York Times wrote an article yesterday titled “How Much Lower Can Democrats Fall?” You may be wondering how this affects the world Baltimore sports. In his opening sentences Ramsey wrote, “Texas Democrats have become the Baltimore Orioles of politics. Somewhere in heaven, Earl Weaver and Ann Richards are comparing notes on what went wrong with the teams they left behind.”

Half of that statement may be true, as Ann Richards passed away in 2006, but Earl Weaver is still alive and well at the age of 80.

I am assuming someone at the Times will figure this out at some point, so I took a screen shot of the article.

On top of the mistake, a correction was posted to the article to change that Ann Richards actually beat Clayton Williams in 1990, not the fact that Earl Weaver is alive.

UPDATE: The Times issued a correction on Sunday night.